6. MDE P&L


Last step is to create a simple P&L hierarchy. All you need are these four nodes, link them to our appropriate submodels and join them using plus sign and you are done. Here are the formulas:

Node fx

'Gross Profit' + 'OPEX'.'OPEX'

Gross Profit

'Revenue' + 'COGS'


'Product'.'Revenue Product' + 'Service'.'Revenue Services'


'Product'.'COGS Product' + 'Service'.'COGS Services'

If you have done everything right, the final model should look like this:

As a last check, you can use the data preview button on the profit node to check if all of your formulas function the way they should:

Correct result

Country/Year  2018 2019 2020 2021 Totals
DEU 14,869,422.49 14,869,422.49 14,869,422.49 14,869,422.49 59,477,689.97
FRA 62,106,542.25 62,106,542.25 62,106,542.25 62,106,542.25 248,426,169.00
Total 76,975,964.74 76,975,964.74 76,975,964.74 76,975,964.74 307,903,858.97


You are now able to create complex models on your own. We suggest you use your new model to create a workspace with 2-3 scenarios and few dashboards to understand the power of what you just created.

Good point to start learning about Workspaces is the Visualizing Data section of our documentation. 

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