Uploading Assumptions via Excel

You can download all data of an assumption as an Excel file with one sheet per line item. You can edit the data and upload the file to the same assumption again.

In some cases you want to upload the data to new or other assumptions, either in the same or other workspaces. Refer to the following tables to supported usecases:

Task Supported?
Creating your own Excel file in the same structure

Yes, the system matches the sheet and assumption line item name.

Uploading the downloaded Excel to another assumption with the same structure (for example a duplicated assumption)

Yes, the system will match the assumption line items by the sheet names

Filling in the data of a downloaded file via formulas Yes
Changing Level Values to existing level values Yes, if they are included in the assumption line item filter
Having additional sheets in the upload file Yes, but they must start with the number symbol (#)

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