Working with model scenarios

Model scenarios are a way of introducing a second or third model scenario in your model and your simulation. By default you have one model scenario in a model which is defined by the formulas and calculations of each node.

Let's say we want to add a revenue target to show next to our simulation scenario in charts.

Adding a second model scenario

Go to the model overview. Select your model and click the 'Add' button in the right-hand side panel.

Note that you have to add the second model scenario to all submodels of this model.

Now enter a model. Select a node that you want to enter behave differently in the second model scenario.

By default all nodes use the same operation for all model scenarios.

Activate the 'Operation per Scenario' switch and switch to your second model scenario.

Now enter a different formula. Using the dropdown on the right you can switch the model scenario you are currently viewing.

Where to use a second model scenario


Your model scenario will be available in all charts as a scenario.

Data Preview

You can switch between the data preview of one model scenario or another one with the dropdown in the data preview.

Assumption line items

Assumption line items will still show the same '+ Absolute Change' value for both model scenarios. But you can switch the model scenario to see the difference in original value and calculation result.

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