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There are important Naming Guidelines to follow when choosing worksheet and column names.

The default way to upload your data into Valsight are regular tables. These tables are organized like a classic relational table.

These tables can contain zero or more levels, they are the most flexible way to upload data.

Some examples:

A table with no dimensional information, not even time:


A table that contains one numeric value per year:

Year Inflation
2018 2%
2019 3%

A table that contains multiple numeric values per year:

Year Inflation InterestRate
2018 2% 4%
2019 3% 5%

A table that contains two levels and multiple values

Year Country Inflation InterestRate
2018 DE 2% 4%
2019 DE 3% 5%
2018 US 4% 2%
2019 US 2% 3%

See an Example at Example Excel Sheets.

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