Creating Dimensions

Before reading this article, get to know Dimensions & Hierarchies in the Valsight context.

Create a new dimension 

Development of Valsight implementation starts with creating a Project. The next step is usually the creation of a dimensions. To do so, select the desired project and navigate to the dimension management icon in the ribbon (1). In the dimension overview, which is currently showing the three default and not adjustable dimensions, namely Assumptions, Sequence and Time, click the create dimension button (2), a name the dimension (e.g. Location) (3)  and one of the levels (4). You do not worry about what dimension level will you choose (top, middle or bottom one). You can add both parent or children levels afterwards.

Adding level values

To add level values to the dimension, use the download Excel button (1). Inside the Excel file, fill the empty column with desired level values, in our case countries (2) and when finished, upload it (3).

Please note you can't rename or delete items through the Excel Upload. Use the action dialog instead

Creating or configuring the level hierarchy

If you want to create dimension level hierarchy, use the configure hierarchy button in the dimension page.

You have the possibility to add higher or lower level values. We a create the higher level Region. We can either use the add level button or the ACTIONS drop-down to do that.

After moving back to the Location dimension screen, we use the action dropdown to rename the regions and move the items accordingly. Animation shows creation of Americas and moving USA to the region. 

You can also at first add the region level and then fill all the data in Excel.  The dimension management is very flexible. 

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