Manipulating Dimensions

Before reading this article, get to know Dimensions & Hierarchies in the Valsight context.

The following manipulations are possible in either the three dot action drop down and/or the excel upload. Use the Excel upload when you have to change a lot of values at once.


Excel upload
Adding new level values Error (x)
Renaming Error (x)
Moving to another parent

Adding new level values 

To add a new level value, download the Excel at the dimension page and add a new row with all of its levels. In this example, we add the city 'Peking' on the continent 'Asia' (Here in green). On upload, a prompt shows which new values will be added.


Renaming dimension, dimension level and level values can all be done using the three dots menu.

There is a typo in 'Boston'. Therefore, we rename 'Bsoton' to 'Boston'.

Updating references

As soon as you rename a level the system will update references in the following places automatically:

  • Workspaces: Names are updated in all assumptions, charts and tables.
  • Data Sources: The Data Source gets updated. You have the option to download the updated Excel file in Data Sources using "Export as new XLSX File". The original is available under "XLSX File".
  • Models: References in node operations are updated.

Moving to another parent

If values are not in the correct hierarchy, you can resort them with 'Move to another parent' from the three dot action drop down or via the excel upload. Here we want to move 'Berlin' from 'America' to 'Europe'.

We can use the three dot menu:

Or the excel upload. First download the excel, then change 'America' to 'Europe' (see green changes) and upload it.


Deleting is only possible if the level value is not referenced in any line item or node and is not included in any data source as shown in the example below. The deletion prompt shows all items you need to adjust beforehand.

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