Advanced Node Settings

Advanced node settings allow to further fine-tune the behaviour of a node. You can configure which values are shown in the scenario managers overview using effect proxies, hide technical nodes by default or mark nodes as base assumptions.

Impact Proxies

The scenario manager's impact column. Highlighted is the node on which the effect was calculated.

To set the impact proxy, go to the model editor and change the "Impact Proxy" in the settings for a node in the inspector .

The Impact Proxy in the node's inspector.

ADVICE You can also define Filters on a node to have Impacts like "Revenue'2018 Impact". Simply create a Calc Node with formula 'Revenue' and use node filters to set the year to 2018.

Hide in Workspace

Nodes that are marked as hide in workspace will be hidden by default. This means that they will not be shown when creating new charts or as part of model tree charts. You can override this behaviour per workspace using the setting "Hide technical nodes".

Connector display and color 


You can hide outgoing connectors or color them in a different color (see picture with connectors in orange). Hidden connectors will still be shown when the node is selected (see picture with hidden connectors for the top right two nodes).

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