Scenario, Workspace and Model Validation

On this page you will find instructions on how to add validation Nodes to your model and on how to validate a Workspace or Model.

Adding Validation Nodes

Adding a validation node to your model gives you the opportunity to automatically check for invalid settings, for example a product that has no price associated or negative sales volume.

To add a validation node you either create it directly of the menu 'Add Nodes' as validation node or change it in 'node editor' → 'show validation settings' later on.

Validation nodes have to yield 0 as value. If they don't you will receive an validation error after validating the scenario manager.

Validation nodes are most useful when your formula tends to have errors which don't lead to errors in the model validation.

Let's say we want to check for our value of the node 'Volume' to be always positive.

We add a validation node 'PositiveVolume'.

To get a positive validation for positive values, using an IF expression, we add the following formula. Other common commands here are MIN and MAX

Node Formula
PositiveVolume IF('Volume'>=0, 0, 'Volume')

We can achieve the same result using the MIN command.

Node Formula
PositiveVolume MIN(0,'Volume')

Validate Workspaces

Now we move to the scenario manager and validate our workspace like shown above. We either get a positive feedback for 'Volume'>=0...

...or a validation warning for negative values with a description and location of the problem.

Validate Models

Instead of validating the workspace you can also directly validate your Model. To do so, you can use the "Validation Node Checkup" button at the top of the Model Editor.

The following menu is similar to the one you encounter when validating workspaces. Once you "Validate now" you will either receive a message that the validation was successful or a validation warning detailing the issue. Please keep in mind that you will only see warnings regarding Validation Nodes when validating the Model.

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