Operations / Node Formulas

Use basic operations (+ - * /), and simple quotes around node names. Ex.: 'Income' - 'Expense'.

You can use all nodes from the model, and its submodels. Once you start typing a single quote ( ' ) the system shows a list of available nodes. You can connect them with the standard operations (+ - * /) and the operations from below.

Operators can be nested, e.g. it is possible to use DISAGGREGATE(DISAGGREGATE('node',... ) ...)

Use the number sign (#) to write comments in a node.

Simple numbers are considered a 0-dimensional data point! That means that 'Node' + 1 will be calculated as "ROLLUP('Node') + 1", which will even drop the time dimension. See ADDEACH to add to each element of a node.

Standard Operations

Most Used Operations

All Operations / Functions

A function is used in value driver models to calculate with multi-dimensional data cubes.


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