Adds the amount to each entry in the Node before any rollUps were done.




  • Node: Input node, specified using the node name in single quotes (e.g. 'Profit')
  • Amount: The number to add to each entry


Turn percentages into multiplication factors

5% is represented as 0.05 in Valsight. Factors, which are used for multiplication purposes, can be calculated by adding one to each percentage value. 

Use ADDEACH('Percentage Node',1) to calculate the values.

Country Inflation ADDEACH(...,1)
DE 2% 102%
US 3% 103%

Turn multiplication factors into percentages

Use ADDEACH('Index Node',-1) to calculate the values.

Country Index ADDEACH(...,-1)
DE 102% 2%
US 103% 3%

Calculate Splits

Suppose variable costs amount to 70% of the total cost. With this value stored, we can calculate the fixed cost (30% of total) using the ADDEACH function.

ADDEACH('Split' * -1,1)

Product VarCostSplit ADDEACH(.... * -1,1)
A 70% 30%
B 60% 40%

Flip 0/1 helper tables

Sometimes a "True/False" or "1/0" helper table is needed. To reverse the input, we multiply the values by minus one and add one. 

ADDEACH('Original Values' * -1, 1)

Country IS_EMEA ADDEACH(... * -1 ,1)
DE 1 0
US 0 1

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