Reference a DataTable directly from the operation. The result contains all values from the DataTable.

An optional Unit can be supplied. If no Unit is supplied, the resulting Unit of the function is the columnMetaUnit set on the measure. If none is set, 'Any' is assumed as a Unit.


DATA(DataSourceNameTableNameMeasureName [, Unit ])


  • DataSourceName: Name of the ExternalDataSource in double quotes (e.g. "Model Data")
  • TableName: Name of the DataTable in double quotes (e.g. "Gross_Sales"). If data source is an Excel Workbook, it is the sheet name.
  • MeasureName: Name of the measure DataTableColumn in double quotes (e.g. "Price")
  • Unit: Name of the Unit or ratio combination of two units. Each Unit name is wrapped in single quotes and the full Unit then in double quotes (e.g. "'EUR'" or "'EUR'/'Case'")

Using the connect data button at the formula ribbon, you can now select the data you want to use using a drop-down menu of all your available data sources. 


Assuming the following Excel Workbook has been uploaded to the System in a Data Source with name "Example", and the Example dimensions have been imported.

(See Example Excel Sheets for Downloads)

The function:

DATA("Example","UploadExampleNormal","Volume") will lead to the following data. (The order may differ)

ExampleProduct ExampleChannel Year Volume
Product A Online 2018 10
Product B Offline 2018 20
Product A Online 2019 40
Product B Offline 2019 30

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