Project Settings


The settings of a project are a central place to configure options for a project.

Navigating to Project Settings

  • First, head over to the Project List View.
  • Click the three dots button in order to see the available actions on the selected Project.

Project Image Upload

By clicking "Upload Image", the Image Upload Wizard will be prompted, through which you'll be able to upload an image from you computer and assign it to the Project.

Project Settings

In order to edit a Project's name, description or Time settings (Time Horizon, Calendar Months) click Settings. The default time dimension will be created using the Gregorian calendar including years, quarters, months and days. Alternatively, you can choose to divide years into weeks and days based on the ISO 8601 standard.

Limitations when using the week-based time dimension:

  • Horizons on months cannot be combined with a week-based time dimension
  • Horizons on years might not match full ISO weeks
  • System managed calendar months are not supported in combination with weeks
  • Nodes on weeks with aggregation types CLOSINGSUM or CLOSINGAVG cannot include the SHIFT function in operations
  • Shifting on line items in workspace is only supported on months
  • The following functions to not support input with weeks: SCHEDULE_PROJECTS, DEPRECIATION

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