Access Rights

This view allows to give users access to a project, model, simulation workspace, presentation or data permission class.


Can use Project admin
See and enter project (Haken) (Haken)
Changing project settings or project access rights (Fehler) (Haken)
Access to models and workspaces within project  (Fehler) (Haken)


Info (i) Access to project of model is required

Can view Can edit

Open simulation workspaces linked to model 

(Haken) (Haken)
Create new simulation workspace linked to model (Fehler) (Haken)
Open model editor (Fehler) (Haken)
Change access rights to model (Fehler) (Haken)

Simulation Workspace

Info (i) Access to project of model is required

(info) Limited/Full access also grants "Can view" access to underlying model

Limited access Full access
Open and use workspace (Haken) (Haken)
Change workspace filter (Fehler) (Haken)
Change access rights for workspace (Fehler) (Haken)


Presentations are not part of a project. Any user with access rights to the presentation will be able to see and open it.

Can access
See and open presentation (Haken)

Change access rights to presentation


Delete presentation


Data Permission Class

Users with access can view or edit data associated with this data permission class in workspaces or presentations. Users with access to the model editor will be able to see all data while modelling.

Can view Can edit

View data in charts and tables in workspaces or presentations

(Haken) (Haken)
Create and change assumptions containing data of data permission class (Fehler) (Haken)

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