Project Rights

On this page we will show you how to edit and manage project permissions in Valsight. As an example we want to grant a user "test.user" the right to work in the project "50 Sky Automotive" in a model and a workspace.

For more details on the effects of permissions, read the documentation page on Access Rights.

Select the project

To get started, select the menu entry "Configuration". Now select the project that you want to change permissions for from the list on the left (We will select "50 Sky Automotive"). Then select "Security".

Modifying Project rights

After selecting "Security" you will be forwarded to the Security settings page. Select "Access Report" next to Project access to get an overview of the users and their access to the project.

Click "Edit" to change the permissions for the project.

To work within a project our user needs at least "Can use" permissions on the project. Give the user the appropriate permissions and save the changes.

Now you have become acquainted with one way to edit permissions on project ("Configuration" > "Security" > "Access Report"). But there is another one ("Configuration" > "Access control") which also lets you also change permissions on workspaces and models.

Grant permissions for specific models or workspaces

In order to change models and use the workspaces our user needs to be granted permissions for these as well. To do so navigate to "Configuration" → "Access rights". Select the project containing the model and workspace from the dropdown. Then tick "Models" and "Workspaces" and click "Show". You will see an overview of all models and workspaces in the selected project.

Select "Edit" on the model and grant the user "Can edit" permissions on the model. Do the same with the workspace and grant the user "Full Access" permissions. You can find a detailed explanation about the different access rights on the documentation page about Access Rights.

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