Project Variables


Project variables allow you to centrally define values in a project and use these values when defining a model. 

Using Project Variables in Node Operations

When composing node operations in the model editor, you can use project variables as a placeholder for a value. This allows you to change the value at one central place instead of going back to all your nodes and edit the operations to reflect the new value.

For example, consider you want this operation in your node:

and the year 2019 is the start of your Project Horizon Period, as set in the Project Settings:

Instead of entering the hard value "2020", you can type the dollar ($) character to choose a variable based on a list of available variables.

The corresponding variable value is displayed next to the variable name. In this example, you know that it will be understood as "2020" when the node output is being calculated.

Upon choosing the Project Variable to use, the variable will be automatically inserted into your operation at the cursor position you were before (when you typed the hash character).

From this point on, whenever you change your projects time settings, everywhere in your nodes' operations where you use the "$PROJECT_HORIZON_START" variable, it will automatically read the newly updated value.

Available system values as project variables

The following system values are available as project variables

Time SettingVariableValueExample Value

$PROJECT_HORIZON_LEVELThe projects "horizon period" from the time settings."Year"

$PROJECT_HORIZON_STARTThe start value from the projects time horizon."2019"

$PROJECT_HORIZON_ENDThe end value from the projects time horizon."2022"

$CURRENT_PERIODThe current period of your project."2020"