Sorting and Formatting Charts

Default Chart Settings

Learn how to sort your data in different charts and tables and how to structure them with colors or indentations. 

When you have chosen a chart for your data series you often need to sort and format the chart elements to get a better overview of the data.
You can learn how to visualize your data in charts in this article: Data visualisation with different chart types.

Select a chart and open the inspector on the right. There, you can find the button sort and format below the axis overview.

Sort and Format Tables

With a click on sort and format, the shown context menu opens.  Here, you can configure the order and the indentation of the line items shown in your table. 

( 1 ) You can change the position of a line item manually per drag & drop. This will change the position of the element in the associated table, e.g. it changes the line items from row x to row y.
You can also use the sort automatically function, where line items are sorted either alphabetically or numerically.

( 2 ) In tables you can also set the format for each line item to highlight it in your table or for example to show the calculation of sums more clearly.

  • Standard will display the line item as a normal text.
  • Subtotal will display the line item in bold with a horizontal line above it
  • Grand total will display the line item in the chart in bold with horizontal lines above and below.

This way of formatting is especially useful for builing financial statements like a profit and loss statement or a cash flow statement. 

( 3 ) - For an even better overview you can also indent the elements multiple steps. In combination with the formatting options, this will make your tables look more structured and easy to interpret. 

You have the additional option to highlight a column by defining a  background color, e.g. the background color "green" on column 2022. The changes will be implemented after saving and refreshing the chart.

Chart Settings

In line chartscolumn charts and mixed charts you can select a color for the different data series or nodes. This way, you could for example either adjust the colors to match your corporate identity or to just make the analysis easier by using colors with enough contrast. 

In mixed charts you can also decide which data should be displayed as line or as bar.

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